-Do You Have Any Old Neighborhood Photos?

Do you have historical information or old photos of the neighborhood???
Do you have old photos or historical information specific to the El Quito Neighborhood that you would be willing to share (and have published) on our web site? 
  • Photos of orchards / canneries prior to development? 
  • Subdivisions under construction? 
  • Historical businesses that have been torn down, or have gone out of business?
  • Highway 85 construction between Quito and Saratoga Avenue?
  • Paul Masson construction /destruction?
NOTE: No copyright photos please!
To submit information or photos, please contact elquitona.webmaster@gmail.com. We may be able to accommodate scanning of a limited number of photos to electronic format, if you don't have this capability - just contact us...
Don't let our local history be lost!