Park Tree Additions - June 2011

El Quito Park Gets a Face Lift!

June 2011


In June of 2011, Saratoga's department of Public Works completed the renovation of the north and west side of El Quito Park, adding over thirty new trees, new flower beds, and reconditioned the pedestrian path.  The project was managed by Saratoga’s department of Public Works, working with Our City Forest to complete the physical planting, path renovation, and distribution of bark for ground cover.  


A wide assortment of drought tolerant trees and plants cultivars were selected and planted in the park to increase the park’s overall plant diversity.  Tree and plant selections were chosen to add arboretum-quality diversity and beauty to the park, attract and feed our local bird and butterfly populations, and to attract and nurture native pollinators.  Underutilized turf areas were removed around the perimeter to significantly reduce water, chemical, and fertilizer use in the area.


A special thanks to Kevin Meeks and John Cherbone of Saratoga’s Public Works department, the volunteers and staff of Our City Forest, and the El Quito Neighborhood Association for a job well done!