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-Quito Village Remodel

posted Jan 20, 2010, 5:24 PM by ElQuito NA   [ updated Dec 31, 2010, 12:57 PM ]
PLANS APPROVED / Timeline Unknown...
Sand Hill Properties, owner of both the Saratoga Office Center and the Quito Village Shopping Center on Cox Avenue received approval from the Saratoga Planning Commission on 10/28/2009 to remodeling the Quito Village Shopping Center.  Remodeling will include some interior reconfiguration and cosmetic exterior changes to the two front buildings, reconfiguration of the interior courtyard between the two front buildings, the addition of a new 16' diameter metal "bird and tree theme" sculpture to the front of the building at the entrance to the interior courtyard (on the Cox Avenue side), demolition and removal of the existing gazebo (to the left of Gene's), the planting of 32 new trees throughout the site and along Cox Avenue and Paseo Prasada, and the replacement of the existing store signage with new front-projection individual letter lit signs. 
To get a complete overview of the project, you can watch a video of the 10/14/2009 and 10/28/2009 Planning Commission meeting by visiting the City of Saratoga web site at - simply look for the 10/14, and 10/28 Planning Commission videos.  The Quito Village Shopping Center remodel was the first item on both meeting agendas. 
Formal construction and landscape plans need to be completed by the developer, and approved by the Saratoga Building Department before work can begin.  Project timelines are unknown at this point.