-Selecting Your Tree Variety

The Importance of Large Street Trees

Available Trees Varieties - (on Our City Forest web site).
One of the significant goals of the "Trees for Free" program is to significantly improve the tree canopy in our neighborhood.  Unlike much of Saratoga, many of the streets in our El Quito neighborhood are void of large shade-producing trees, producing higher summer temperatures and higher utility bills.  "Trees for Free" is recommending the planting of large-species shade trees, such as native Oaks, Ash, and Sycamores when possible. 
The on-staff arborists at Our City Forest are available to help you in choosing the optimal tree for your specific location.  Call them at 99-TREES for help with your selection.  Help clean the air, cool the summer temperatures, and increase your property value - sign up TODAY for your free tree(s)!

Trees Provide Amazing Benefits